The Life is Good Kids Foundation Partnership with SBNH

On Friday, October 20th the South Boston Association of Non-Profits and The Life is Good Kids Foundation began a community-wide partnership – working together to build ‘Playmakers’ right here in our South Boston!

 “Playmaker vision is to dramatically improve the quality of care to our nation’s most vulnerable citizens so that all children grow up feeling safe, loved and joyful.  To achieve this, Playmakers partner with organizations dedicated to helping individuals overcome poverty, violence and illness.”  

The goal of this partnership is to create a unifying, systematic approach for creating safe, loving, joyful & engaging environments for the community of South Boston to heal, learn and grow. The LiGKF knows the good work we do and want to help us grow that good in our community.

What they offer is not a new program but rather an operating system for our programs across education, enrichment and behavioral health settings to use to effectively work with children and families.

Through this partnership it is our hope to:

  • Spread the power of optimism…
  • Create a unified, systemic approach to caring for our participants via the staff and the organizational culture
  • Support human service professionals in nurturing their own social and emotional wellness
  • Provide human service professionals with personal and professional resources to develop the knowledge, skills, insight, artistry and spirit necessary to use playful engagement to build life-changing relationships with individuals at risk
  • Build and maintain an interactive learning/support community where human service professionals can learn from, share with and be inspired by others

This Playmaker 101: Foundations of Playmaking workshop is a thoughtful blend of joyful, experiential activities and discussions. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of the power of optimism and how it can help all people – especially children – but really ALL people – heal, learn and reach their full potential.

 During this 3-hour session, The LIGKF introduced its core philosophy and approach to building optimal environments where those who have been impacted by trauma can grow to see the good in themselves, others and the world around them.